Strong Defense Against DUI Charges

The unbelievable has occurred. You’ve been charged with a DUI. First, it is important to remember that you are not alone. People from all walks of life have been charged with DUI crimes. Further, the law is so strict with DUI that it really doesn’t take much to break the blood alcohol limits. You have an attorney you can turn to for strong defense.

If you were charged with a DUI in Tustin or Orange County, criminal and DUI defense attorney Ali Komaili can help you. With years of experience, Mr. Komaili has defended many California clients against first offense and multiple offense DUI charges, underage DUI charges and related charges. Our legal team understands that this is a stressful and trying time in your life, and we are dedicated to fighting to give you the best defense possible.

Fighting For You

We fight for clients who have been charged with:

  • First-offense DUI: Even if it’s the first time, you could lose your driving privileges and face heavy fines.
  • Multiple offense DUI: With each subsequent DUI conviction, the penalties increase.
  • Underage DUI: If you have a son or daughter who is facing an underage drunk driving charge, it is critical to mount a strong defense. Do not let one mistake ruin your child’s future.
  • Aggravated DUI: If someone got hurt or you destroyed property in the course of a DUI, the penalties can be particularly severe. We provide strong defense against these charges.

Hiring an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable with DUI laws and also experienced in DMV hearings is crucial. Attorney Ali Komaili will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on your behalf and put a stay on the suspension of your license pending the outcome of the hearing.

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Consultations are free at the Law Offices of Ali Komaili, so whether you have a DMV hearing, or are being charged with a more serious offense such as felony DUI or vehicular manslaughter, calling us is the first step to gaining experienced advice and direction.

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