First DUI Offense Orange County

If you are a driver in California and have received a DUI, several penalties may be in your future such as completing mandatory drug and alcohol classes, being placed on probation from anywhere between one and five years, court fees and other DUI-related fines totaling over $1500, up to six months’ time in a county jail and having a suspended license for four months.

These penalties are difficult burdens to bear and can place pressure on you not only financially, but also socially and mentally. Some people may lose their friends and even their jobs.

How can hiring Law Offices of Ali Komaili help you with your first DUI? Attorney Ali Komaili will review the charges filed against you, including reviewing the police report, the manner with which it was determined that you had violated the driving laws, such as a blood test or a breathalyzer, and other factors that contributed to your First DUI charge.

An experienced attorney like Ali Komaili will know how to contest the way a DUI was determined. Many people do not realize that the breathalyzer result, blood works result and even the field sobriety result are not written in stone and can be challenged in court! Do not leave your case to chance or in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer.

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